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Reiki is a Japanese touch therapy used to promote stress reduction and relaxation. While Reiki may be new to many of us, it is an ancient relaxation technique that dates back thousands of years. When the body is relaxed it can begin to heal itself emotionally and physically. When we hold tension and stress, our body is limited in its capacity to bring itself into a state of balance. The practice of Reiki is based on the principle that the universe is made up of energy and this energy flows around us and through us, nourishing our cells, organs and glands. When one’s energy is low, in a state of imbalance, or restricted by stress or illness, we are more susceptible to discomfort, further illness and disease. When one’s energy is balanced, one is more likely to feel relaxed, allowing the body’s own innate healing abilities to be awakened and utilized for healing.

At Douhridini Doula Services and Integrative Wellness, we have delivered Reiki to clients facing a variety of circumstances in life. Whether a client is seeking out our services for relaxation, general wellness, or in preparation for the loss of a loved one, we are happy to offer our support. For people in the final stage of life, Reiki can provide a more peaceful transition.

Fee for Reiki service

Our 1 hour Reiki sessions range in cost from $40- $65/hr depending on your circumstances. In order to limit the financial barriers that often influence our ability to receive the care we need, we ask you to self-select a fee in this range that feels good for you! 

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Reiki Services

Kind Words...

“Having been familiar with reiki treatments, I was pleased to receive reiki from Liz on a weekly basis. This was definitely a path to healing my specific pain. Liz allowed me to get in touch with my healing energy.”

~ Tina T.

“I always enjoy my reiki sessions with Liz. She not only has the ability to channel good energy flow, she is very intuitive and has a wonderfully calming presence. In a word, she is gifted.”

~ Jan M, Burlington, CT

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