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The word “doula” comes from Ancient Greek “δούλη” meaning woman caregiver. Doulas today continue the ancient tradition of when a wise woman from the community was called to provide support to the laboring mother.

As your doula, I will be with you continuously during labor and the birth of your child, providing you with emotional and physical support that is right for you.  As a trained professional, I will also provide educational support so you are better able to advocate for yourself and make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and during your birthing experience.  You will also have my support in the months or weeks leading up to the birth, as well as during a predetermined post-partum period.

Included in our Birth Doula Package:

  • Free initial consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know one another, hear about your expectations, questions and concerns in regard to your birth in an exploratory and informative manner.
  • 3-4 prenatal visits in the comfort of your home where we will prepare for your birth by covering topics such as comfort measures for labor (emotional and physical), understanding hospital policy, preparing your home for the addition of your new family member, preparing for the postpartum period
  • From 38 weeks onward, I will go “on-call” for you, which means that I will be available to support you on the phone or in person as you prepare for your birth
  • 1-2 postpartum visits to offer you information and answer your questions about breastfeeding, baby care and any variety of challenges associated with welcoming this new transition


Fee For Doula Service 

The fee for our doula services usually falls within the range of $600-$850, however, we believe in the importance of our service and will work with you fully considering your circumstances.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how we can assist you during this sacred time. 


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Doula Testimonials


"When we first started working with Liz, I had just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Liz immediately provided reassurance, encouragement, and resources. She was always checking in and always there when I needed support. I was very nervous when we needed to schedule an induction instead of waiting for labor to begin naturally. Liz made sure we understood what might happen and also helped us make sure we asked important questions of our healthcare providers. When the day of the induction came around Liz was there all day providing encouragement and support as well as techniques for comfort and to encourage the baby to make her appearance. After the baby was born Liz had a great way of providing support but also letting us have time as a family. We are so grateful to have had Liz as our doula, providing support throughout the whole process!"
~ Amanda, Manchester, CT


~ Sanjay Singh and Sapna Tanwar, Amherst, MA


Doula Services

Kind Words...

"Throughout my communication with Liz, I found her extremely knowledgeable in terms of doula practices. She provided so much information as well as moral support especially during the later stage of my pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period. I highly recommend her as a doula because when Liz commits to somebody she does it completely."

~Daria, Newington, CT

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